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We feel very strongly the Lord has asked us to be faithful and diligent in prayer and worship, and that we should put in place opportunities for these things throughout the week. Each of the below items will fill you in on ways to get involved!


Our worship times are open for the entire church and are often smaller affairs with a leader facilitating musical worship. There are places for you to journal, read, or simply sit in the Lord's presence. You're welcome to stay the entire time or come and go as you wish.


6 - 7 PM


6:30 - 7 AM

8 - 9:30 AM


Our burden for prayer is multifaceted and not something we can neglect. The Lord is calling us higher in this regard, so we have a handful of prayer gatherings going on each week. Note that parentheses describe the general topics for each prayer meeting. Also, in general we tend to cancel our worship and prayer events due to holidays, so be sure to follow along with our social media, as we always update any changes there.


9:15 AM


7 - 8 PM

(HOTFM church body and city of Lakeland)


7 - 8 AM

(Outpouring of the Holy Spirit)

Please note that any of these weekly gatherings may be canceled if taking place on a holiday. Contact or call the church at 863-940-2867 for more information!

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