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Below you will see the various joinable ministries at the church, what they do, and the ways you can get involved! If you'd like to join in, we ask that you fill out a very short volunteer application by clicking the button for each ministry you're interested in. Kindly note you must be a member at the church in order to volunteer.


The Altar Team is a ministry for people who are passionate about praying for and ministering to the body. Whether it's praying for comfort or praying to push back against the forces of darkness, the Altar Team is always ready to contend for the breakthrough that God has for you.


Each Sunday morning we want to make sure everyone who enters our building for our church service is warmly welcomed. It makes a big difference for the people who are arriving to be greeted with a smile and an open door!


We want to create a welcoming environment for everyone, whether they are regular members or are visiting the church for the first time. If you enjoy meeting new people, answering questions, serving food, coffee, or cooking a meal for a family who needs it, this ministry is a great fit for you!


Heart of the Father's Kids Ministry desires to partner with parents and volunteers in order to disciple children so they can grow into a deeper understanding of Christ through His Word.

Note: volunteering with the Kids Ministry requires completion of a background check.


We're combining audio and visuals to highlight the beautiful things the Lord is doing at Heart of the Father! We do everything from running sound on Sunday mornings, to displaying lyrics on the TVs during worship, to photography and videography, and more.


During our Sunday church services the Security Team regularly checks to make sure doors are locked, hallways are monitored, and overall keeps watch for any unusual people or activity. It’s such a helpful way to serve the church body!

Note: volunteering with the Security Team requires completion of a background check.


Ushers are scheduled each week to help pass the buckets during the tithes and offering time and/or during a special offering time for guest speakers, other ministries, or supported missionaries. Ushers will also help put out tithe envelopes once a month before the service. It is a very easy way to serve and put in your supply to the church!


We use music to lead the congregation in corporate worship each Sunday morning and it's something we want to steward well and with excellence. Ultimately, we want to use the gift of music as a means of directing attention to God. It's a beautiful thing!


The Tribe student ministry invites 6th-12th graders to pursue a deep, intimate relationship with God by being rooted & grounded in His Word, being transformed by encountering the presence of Jesus, and by being unified in community by the power of the Holy Spirit. Our desire is to equip and build up young people in order for them to walk in their God-given identity and gifting!


Note: volunteering with the Youth Ministry requires completion of a separate background check.

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